Healthy Practices

Assembly: It  is held on every Saturday to take stock of the events of the week and to announce the plans for the coming week. Through this rostrum, the  Principal leads the college in acknowledging and appreciating the achievements of the   students and  staff members. The Naada Geethe and the National Anthem are rendered at the Weekly Assembly.

Calendar: It is a handy booklet providing the students and parents vital information about college, time-table and the schedule of  activities to be held during the year. It also contains a vital page for recording the student’s monthly attendance position to be duly signed by the subject teachers and the parents.

Charity and Giving: To imbibe the noble concept of charity among students,  charity giving is promoted.  Students are encouraged to make small contributions to the needy public.

Class Teacher Concept: The concept of Class Teacher and Class Representatives has ensured smooth functioning of classroom activities. This concept provides the students with an opportunity to open up their views and opinions with regard to their academic, social and even individualistic concerns. While this is a step to strengthen student-teacher bond, it primarily aims at integrating students and staff with the class, class with the college and college with the country.

Guest of the Month: Noted personalities and artistes are invited to perform in the college premises. The public are welcome to attend this function.

Talent of the Week: It is a platform to introduce the budding, talented students to a larger world.

National & International Days : The college observes important national days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti and other major national events to integrate subjectivity among the students towards the nation. Celebrating international days like World AIDS Day, Hiroshima Day etc., is also very much part of the college activites.

Orientation Programme : Orientation Programme is held for the First Year students to help them acclimatize to the new learning environment.

Goodwill Promotion

Parents’ Association

To foster further involvement of the stakeholders in education, 'Parents Meet' and 'Parents Socials' are organized. This is a pioneer step at college level initiated to bring the parents closer to the institution. It begins with an orientation programme for the freshers along with their parents. The subsequent meet elects the new office-bearers.
Parents form an important link between the college and the students. Their views and opinions are rated high in formulating the policies pertaining to their wards. Parents’ meeting is called every week on Saturday to discuss their children’s progress. Parents are welcome to call on the Head of the Institution or Heads of Departments with or without prior appointment.