Students Forum


To ensure participation of students and staff in daily administration and establishment, a number of funcional units are at work. These units are small but meaningful nuclei with well defined objectives before them. While executing the earmarked functions, these units also act as leadership development workshops. Broadly, there are 4 types of functional committees. They are:

  1. Administration Support
  2. Student Support
  3. Institutional Support
  4. Curricular Support

A total number of 113 committees are in operation. Each committee functions under the guidance of a designated staff co-ordinator, assisted by the seniormost class representative functioning as the organising secretary of the unit.

Administration Support

Unit - I

  1. Attendance
  2. Autonomy to College
  3. Calendar
  4. College Diary
  5. College with Potential for Excellence and
    College of Excellence
  6. Documentation, Data & Statistics
  7. Extension & Outreach
  8. Grievance Redressal Cell

Unit - II

  1. Information Brochure
  2. Internal Test , Assessment & Exam
  3. IQAC
  4. RUSA
  5. Community College - UGC
  6. NAAC: Re-Accreditation
  7. Supervising College Functions

Unit - III

  1. Time -Table & Class Watch
  2. TQM-HRD-I (Training)
  3. Skill Development
  4. UGC & XII Plan Proposals
  5. Vigilance - Discipline
  6. College Website
  7. Weekly Assembly
  8. Staff Welfare

Institutional Support

Unit - I

  1. Audio System
  2. AVC -I & II
  3. Browsing Centre
  4. Books and Publication
  5. Campus Ambience & Garden
  6. Canteen/Cafeteria
  7. Circulars
  8. Display & Notice Board
  9. Education Report

Unit - II

  1. Education Stall
  2. Edusat & V sat
  3. ‘E’ Resources & Digital Back up
  4. Electricity
  5. Furniture
  6. Library and ID Cards
  7. Language Lab
  8. Infrastructure, Plans & Layout
  9. Invitation

Unit - III

  1. Public Address System
  2. Reception & Lounge
  3. Staff Self Help Group
  4. Telephone & Intercom, CCTV
  5. Uniforms
  6. Vehicle Stand
  7. Video & Photography
  8. Water

Student Support

Unit - I

  1. BHRD
  2. Career Guidance & Placement Cell (CGPC)
  3. Class Teacher Concept (CTC)
  4. Entry to Service
  5. HRD – II & III
  6. International Students Guidance Cell (ISGC)
  7. Liaison & Industrial Visits (LIV)

Unit - II

  1. Remedial Classes (RC)
  2. Special Lectures, Seminars & Workshops (SLSW)
  3. Student Advise
  4. Students Counselling & Public Education Programme (PEP)
  5. Students Self Help Group
  6. Traffic Awareness and Road Safety
  7. Young Students Study Circle (YSSC)
  8. Youth Red Cross
  9. Student Welfare
  10. Non-Karnataka Students Guidance Cell (NKSGC)
  11. One India One People Club (OIOPC)
  12. Placement
  13. Add on Courses

Curricular Support

Unit - I

  1. Achiever - Weekly Newletter
  2. Adventure Club
  3. Alumni Association
  4. Charity & Giving
  5. Consumer Forum
  6. Film and Theatre Appreciation Club
  7. Forum for Peace & Understanding
  8. Forum for Universal Brotherhood & Communal Harmony
  9. Forum for Women Empowerment

Unit - II

  1. Guest of the Month
  2. Heritage Club
  3. Human Rights Forum
  4. Souhardha Co-operative Society
  5. Salam Apnadesh
  6. Indian - Folk Forum
  7. Jeevadana - Blood Donors' Association
  8. Legal Cell

Unit - III

  1. Mandara - Annual Magazine
  2. Media, Press & Publicity
  3. Medini - Nature Lovers' Club
  4. NCC- National Cadet Corps - Infantry
  5. NCC - Artillery (Open Unit)
  6. NCC - Navy (Open Unit)
  7. NCC - Air wing (Open Unit)
  8. NSS - National Service Scheme Unit - I
  9. NSS - National Service Scheme Unit - II

Unit - IV

  1. Parents' Association
  2. Systematic Voters’ Education & Electrol Participation (SVEEP)
  3. Prathibha Vedike
  4. Prize & Mementos
  5. Rangers
  6. Rovers
  7. Research & Consultancy
  8. Rotaract Club
  9. Sanjeevini - AIDS Awareness Cell

Unit - V

  1. SARANTHA - TheatreTroupe
  2. Sports
  3. Student Parliament
  4. Talent of the Week
  5. Travel & Excursion
  6. Vichara - Monthly Newsletter
  7. Volunteers of Mahajana Corps
  8. Wellness Centre & Hygiene
  9. Literacy India
  10. Swacch India


Remedial Classes

Remedial classes are organised for slow learners. Special attention is given to help the students who come from categories like SC, ST and minorities. This programme is supported by UGC.

Career Guidance and Placement Cell

This cell functions like a bridge between the institution and industry. It holds career-oriented lectures by senior managers and successful consultants. It also arranges for companies to recruit students on campus, facilitating pre-placement talks, written tests, group discussions and interviews. Our alumni are placed in prestigious companies like Goldman Sachs, Infosys, Progeon, Transworks, Dell, hp, HSBC, L&T, Convergys Technologies, Mphasis, Tech Mahindra, HDFC, Wipro, Leela Palace, IBM, TCS etc.

HRD-II Personality Development Programme

Personality Development Programme is an orientation programme to the first year students. The programme is run in two semesters being actively supported by College for Leadership and Human Resource Development (CLHRD), Mangaluru.

HRD-III Spoken English and Global Skills Enhancement Programme

Global Skills Enhancement Programme is a unique programme for improving communication and analytical skills. This programme is supported by Infosys BPO. Need based Spoken English classes are also conducted by HRD-III.
HRD I, II and III are headed by trained teacher facilitators.

Student Counselling Centre

The Counselling unit functions in coordination with the Department of Psychology. Academic, social, psychological and personal problems of the students are attended to individually or collectively. Professional counselling is available should the need be felt.

Young Students’ Study Circle (YSSC)

The Young Students’ Study Circle was set up in association with Family Planning Association of India (Mysore Chapter). It provides a platform for the students to discuss contemporary social, political and economic issues on a regular basis.

Adventure Club

The club is set up to promote life skills such as team work, resource sharing, innovation etc., through its outdoor activities like trekking, rock climbing etc.

Consumer Forum

The Consumer Forum aims at creating awareness among the students on consumer rights and legal issues involved in it. This forum organizes seminars, lectures and demonstrations in the related areas in co-ordination with professional bodies and NGOs.

Film and Theatre Appreciation Club (FATAC)

The FATAC is established in association with Federation of Film Societies of India (Southern Region). This club aims at promoting and cultivating the habit of watching quality movies which are intellectually stimulating and emotionally moving.

'Jeevadana'-Blood Donors' Association

It was launched with the objective of ‘Donate Blood, Save Life'. The students and staff donate blood voluntarily to the needy. It helps students develop a sense of responsibility and empathy towards the society.

Rotaract Club

The Rotaract Club is the youth wing of Rotary Club of Mysore Mid-Town. It has undertaken various projects like health awareness campaigns, blood donation camps, book donation and bird adoption programmes at Mysore Zoo. Adventure camps like trekking and river rafting form part of their activity. The club was recognized as the Best Institution based Club in the previous years.

‘SARANTHA’ - A Cultural and Theatre Troupe

It has a theatre-alliance with Rangayana and offers a variety of theatre performances throughout the year. Themes-oriented short plays are produced and enacted by the students.


The activities of the Nature Lovers’ Club are aimed at creating an eco-consciousness among students through nature camps, special lectures, demonstrations, film shows & visit to national parks and wild life sanctuaries.

Souharda Co-operative Society

A multi-purpose Co-operative Society was set up in 2011-12 with the Motto working together for mutual benefits and it is in operation with students and staff members as its investers. Besides, it runs a stationery shop, where in, stationery items are being sold at subsidised rates to both staff and students of the institution.

National Cadet Corps - NCC Army Wing

The NCC unit of the college was commissioned during 1989-90. It aims at inculcating discipline and developing patriotism and leadership qualities among cadets. It motivates the cream of the youth to join the Armed Forces. Basics of army training, camps and adventures are regular features. The unit was nominated for the Best Institution Award during 2003-04. The institution was adjudged the ‘Best Institution of Karnataka & Goa Directorate in the year 2014. Additional enrollment of 38 Cadets was granted by Group head quarters in 2016.

Navy Wing

A proud moment was the addition of a Naval unit in 2010-11 with 29 cadets in the Pilot batch.

Artillery Wing

The establishment of the Artillery Unit in the academic year 2013-14 with 40 cadets.

Air Wing

An honourable moment was the establishment of Air Wing unit in the year 2015 with 50 Cadets.

National Service Scheme-NSS- Unit I and Unit II

The NSS unit, true to its core value of commitment to society by social service, is involved in various constructive activities through shramadana with the objective of Not I, But you. It has been actively involved in programmes like tree plantation, constructive work in villages etc. It has been judged as the Best Unit at the State level and its Officer as the Best NSS Officer for the year 2005-06. A ten-day camp is a regular annual feature. A proud moment for the college was the establishment of a second unit. Two faculty members designated as NSS officers monitor the presently existing two units. Today, we are proud to say that under NSS we have adopted a village called Siddalingapura for its improvements in all fields.
The institution has stretched out in extending Dr. Kalam’s PURA (Provision of Urban Amenities to Rural Areas) by adopting a nearby village Yedahalli, wherein education support facilities like computers, desks, library etc., are provided. In addition, special awareness programmes on Evils of Alcohol, Women Empowerment are also conducted. The unit the part of MoU signed with Varakodu grama for its over-all development.

Legal Cell

Legal Cell is established to create awareness and giving education to the youth about the importance and necessity of rules and regulation in day-to-day life.

Heritage Club

Heritage Club creates an awareness about our culture, ethics and preservation of cultural heritage among the students.

AIDS Awareness Cell - 'Sanjeevini' Counselling Centre

This centre is established to create awareness on HIV/AIDS and other community health related issues. It not only organises programmes in the college, but also in the villages with the active support of NGOs.

Human Rights Forum

Human Rights Forum is established to inculcate the ethos of the rights of human citizen by creating awareness of equality, dignity and universal brotherhood.

International Students Guidance Cell

This Cell acts as a liaison between the foreign students of the college and the International Centre of the University of Mysore to guide and assist them in admission procedure, residential permit and all other related aspects so as to make their stay comfortable.

Non-Karnataka Students Guidance Cell

To falicitate the students in adjusting to the local conditions and norms. To orient the students completely towards studies.

Forum for Women Empowerment

Forum for Women Empowerment works for the betterment of women in general.

Youth Red Cross

Youth Red Cross is established to create awareness among youth and giving helping hand to the needy in the society as an humanitarian services.

Forum for Peace and Understanding

International Peace conference is organised every year to commomerate Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 th and 9 th August respectively. International students from all over India present papers and participate in this conference. This year the International Peace Conference X is on theme ‘Peace and Business’.

Departmental Fora

To supplement classroom teaching and stimulate interest in the subject, students are provided additional vistas of learning in the form of fora for higher and creative thinking. The college promotes co-curricular activities among the students through these Departmental Fora. Academic progress with a touch of academic brilliance and professional competence is achieved through the activities of the fora like Fests, Exhibitions, Students’ Seminars, extended lectures, Paper Presentations etc, which keep the campus ever dynamic.