The library has a key role in supporting the academic activities of the institutions by establishing, maintaining and promoting library and information services, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The library offers a wide range of services from reference to electronic information services. The Library has a carpet area of 7100 Sq.ft with space allotted for Reference section, Circulation section and Periodical section. The Library is well ventilated, lighted and aired to facilitate comfortable reading. The seating capacity of the Library is 300.
Total Books 33,381, Donated Books 3500, Braille Books 69, Periodicals National 68, International 02, E-Resource (INFLIBNET) e-books 1,32,000, e-journals 6000, CDs/DVDs (Educational) 935, CDs/DVDS (College Activities) 561, Newspapers 16, Bound volumes 640, Maps & atlas 20.
Library services: 1st and 2nd year students can borrow 02 books at a time for 15 days and Final year students can borrow 03 books at a time. Borrowers are responsible for all materials checked out to their accounts. Students are requested to promptly return books on date. Absence from college will not be accepted as an excuse for not returning the books in time. If the due date for return of book falls on a weekend or short holidays the book must be returned on the next working day. Disfiguring the pages, scribbling on pages, tearing pages, spoiling and injuring of binding will be treated as serious damage to books and in such cases they are either to be replaced by new copies or got bound by the borrowers as the case may be. Borrower Cards are not Transferable.
Library is fully computerized with EasyLib software along with Bar code system. Library provides Book Bank facility and Inter – library borrowing system. Braille books are available for visually challenged students. To promote reading habits and extensive use of library, special cash prizes are awarded to Students. Regular display of new arrivals, Newspaper cuttings on Career guidance, current topics in the library. The library is open from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm from Monday to Friday and from 8.30 am to 2.00 pm on Saturday.
All students must make use of the library facility to enrich their academic excellence. Only bonafide members are allowed to enter the college library along with Identity Card, which must be produced as and when it is demanded by the library staff or college teaching staff. Complete silence must be maintained in & near the library. Students should not bring Walkman or any electronic instruments and eatables inside the library. Using the Cell Phone in the Library is strictly prohibited. Infringement of the library rules will result in the withdrawal of the library facility from the students. In case of any difficulty, readers can approach the Librarian. All cases of the violation of rules will be reported to the Principal for suitable action.

The Library has a carpet area of 7300 sq. with space allotted for Reading Section, Reference Section, Circulation Section and Periodical Section. The seating capacity of the Library is 300.

The college library has two wings

  • The First floor consists of Circulation Section, reading section, equipped with Text Books, General Books, Braille Books and a portion of the section is provided to students for reading and assignment preparation.
  • The Second floor consists of the Reference Section with modern look along with well-furnished furniture’s and ventilated. This section has separate Children’s Section, Journal Section with National and International periodicals were displayed. A good collection of Dictionary, Britannica, Encyclopaedia, Competitive Exams, Personality Development books, CD's / DVDs, Question Papers are available for student and staff. Photocopying facilities is also provided for users.

Total collection of documents in the Library.

Books  - UG PG MTA Total
General MBA
  • Text Books
28264 14014 8517 2072 61127
  • Reference Books
  • Donated books
  • Braille Books
69 - - - 69
Periodicals 70 72 33 8 179
CDs / DVDs (Educational) 935 618 376 - 1929
CDs / DVDs (College Activities) 561 - - - 561
Newspapers 16 8 4 13 41
Bound volumes 640 - - - 640
Map & Atlas 20 - - - 20